Patio Garden

Over the weeks I’m shelter in place we made a few trips to Lowe’s for plants.   My Mom turned the Patio into a patio garden.

We got everything from Strawberry plants to Onions to beautiful flowers to brighten up the area.  It was a project to keep her busy during the long lockdown.  I have a couple of Orchids but I’m afraid I did not inherit that green thumb lol.

I had projects to keep me busy over the lockdown though, blogs, poetry, and essays and novels that needed to be written, pets that needed to be cared for and on occasion I had Little Miss.

I haven‘t had Little Miss as much as I normally do but things are different now, and  definitely a bit on the strange side, but I am grateful for the visits we did have, and right now she’s going through a preteen stage which is a challenge in itself.  She’s a good kid,  and I do what I can to help her.

Have you discovered new hobbies, or passions during the lockdown, or perfecting old gifts?

I hope whatever gifts you have discovered throughout the Pandemic you are able to find a positive, productive way to share it.


What do you think?


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