Outdoor Furniture Ideas That Don't Care About The Weather

When it comes to outdoor furniture from patio furniture to Adirondack chairs, tables, and more, you may want to take care of the sort of furniture you go in for. Some materials are better able to withstand the natural elements than others. If you aren’t sure which ones to go for when it comes to outdoor furniture, then you need to read the rest of the article.


Aluminum is a lightweight material, one that is better able to withstand rust and moisture damage. Moreover, if the furniture in question comes with a powder finish, that provides it with more protection from the various natural elements. What makes Aluminum attractive is the fact that it is quite light and yet, strong as well so much so that it can withstand most of the natural elements including heavy breeze quite easily. You can also paint Aluminum furniture in other colors and shades so that it goes along with the rest of the surroundings. Just search online for ‘outdoor furniture, Sunshine coast’ and you should see what’s available.

Care tips:

  • You need to spray it with a mild detergent to remove the dust and grime.
  • You also need to touch up chipped paint to avoid any oxidation effects as a result of being left outdoors all the time.

Resin wicker

Resin wicker has certainly grown in popularity in the last few years, it is a synthetic weave wrapped around a metal frame and one that can withstand all-natural elements with ease. It is synthetic and is composed of various materials, all of which come together to form this interesting piece of furniture.

Care tips:

  • You can remove pollen and dirt from the material by spraying it with water.
  • You must let it air dry.
  • If you are not sure about whether the furniture can withstand direct sunlight or not, you can park the furniture in a shaded area.


Granted that concrete is not the first thing that comes first to one’s mind but it is hard not to consider concrete when thinking of furniture. The timeless beauty of well-polished concrete pieces of furniture, that are quite durable,  are indeed stunning. You can check out some of the concrete furniture online – just Google search for Concrete dining tables in Sydney, and you should be able to check them out and see how it all looks up in your backyard.

Care tips:

  • Always use coasters on tables as it prevents ringlets or moisture circles from forming
  • clean with mild detergent to remove dust and grime.
  • If the item in question happens to be painted as well, then you may want to clean with a damp cloth


There are various types of wooden furniture items that you can go for – you can go in for anything from teak to mahogany. And with the right amount of polish and finish, the wooden furniture pieces should slow softly and perfectly complement the concrete furniture in your backyard.

Care tips:

  • Always use coasters to prevent hot and cold drinks from leaving marks on the furniture
  • Wash with a clean wet cloth but make sure that you wipe it dry right away
  • You can polish  your furniture at regular intervals, to ensure that it continues to retain its appearance

Recycled plastic

As surprising as it may sound, when it comes to patio furniture and outdoor furniture, recycled plastic furniture ranks right near the top. It is durable, long-standing, and lightweight as well. It can grace your patio or even your swimming pool and you will find that this particular furniture certainly seems to have it all, which is why it also happens to be quite popular.

Care tips:

  • It is easy to clean; all you have to do is to spray mild soap water and that should take care of the dust and grime. After the wash, you can dry it with the help of a clean washcloth and it should be as good as new.

These are some of the materials that you would want to check out when it comes to outdoor furniture. You need furniture that does not get damaged by natural elements and yet, is light enough that you can adjust its positioning with ease.


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