My Picks For Cool Tweets About Bonsai

I am very much fascinated by the bonsai tree.  Are you?  If you search for it on the Internet, videos will show up in the first page results.  There were 3 videos that caught my eye.

  • One explained why bonsai trees were so expensive.  (You have to justify your purchase.)
  • The other explained how to water and feed them.  (If you spent a lot of money, for sure you want that tree to live forever!)
  • The last video was, of course, how to grow your own bonsai tree.  (Hey!  Why pay for something I can grow it myself?  Besides that, since they are so expensive, maybe if I learn how to grow them, I can start a business selling them and making money!)

There were lots of other information links as well.  I don’t grow bonsai trees, but I have a friend who does.   It’s a hobby but she wants to turn it into income.  Wise decision.  She lives in South Africa.  I hope she’s successful.  There is definitely a market for this plant in that part of the world.

Fun Fact:  The Japanese adopted the art of growing miniature trees from the Chinese.

Here are some cool tweets.  Enjoy!

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