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Metal Roofs

Seems that every ten years or more there will be something new in the home designs and everyone goes absolutely crazy over it.

Metal roofs in assorted colors was it as far as roofing goes.

What most people do not know is that they also will have to have maintenance sooner or later for leaks  because nothing lasts forever although the salesman may have insinuated that the metal roofs will be problem free.

AND …..

There is something I am noticing more recently, the colors are fading. What once was dark pine green is now faded to a pale green with a yellowish tint. The brick red are now faded to a pale color resembling pink.

But ….

The blue metal roofing is the color that is not changing as much when its faded.

I personally think that a shingled roof looks better and makes the property look more expensive.

However, I have helped install a metal roof on one of my properties but I went with old fashion silver, the original metal roof color.

You may ask “What is on your roof?” And I will reply “Shingles. but a metal roof will be next.”

Have you noticed the faded roofs?

By Andria Perry

Photos by Pixabay


What do you think?


Written by Andria Perry

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  1. Maybe in the future they will stamp some sort of design into the metal roofs for a different look. I wonder how they hold up in the heavy winds we get around here, which tore almost all of the shingles off my friend’s roof a few years ago.

  2. Here in Montana, most roofs are shingle because it withstands the extreme temperatures better. Shingle roofs also hold the heat in better, and that can be important when it is 40 below. As for fading, even paint does that. The shingles don’t seem to fade, though. By the time they could, they need to be replaced.


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