When life gives you lemons, use them to clean your refrigerator!

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Bad odors in our refrigerator can be very unpleasing, but that’s not something that can not be solved, because nature has the solution for these little, but irritating domestic problems. And the solution is exactly as you can read in the title- when life gives you lemons use them to clean your refrigerator!

Besides the many uses of lemon in our everyday life, it has proven to be a great absorbent of bad odor in refrigerators. So, citrus acid for freshening up the interior of your refrigerator can be used in the following way:

-Soak a few cotton balls in lemon juice and use these to wipe down the interior of you refrigerator. The lemon juice will create a pleasant fragrance.

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-Every so often, place a few slices of lemon on a plate and leave them to sit inside your fridge.They will soak up unpleasant scents and keep you fridge smelling great.


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