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Introducing the 10 Living Space Models for 2019

April 2019, Spring Garden Show in the OC, Southern California

The first video just highlights the 5 living space models that received a ribbon, for first, second and third prize. 

 I decided to add free music in Youtube, and I chose Mozart classical music, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik because classical music is relaxing, and it is the perfect background music for your personal relaxing retreat, whether indoors or outdoors. Plus, this music is five minutes and 51 seconds long, which fit my 6-minute video.

In the second video, I recorded all 10 living space models on display. From these 10 home decor models, three won a first place blue ribbon, one got a second place red ribbon, and one got a third place white ribbon. All 10 participants received a green participating ribbon. But they are all interesting design that I don’t really have a favorite. 


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