How to Add Craftsman Style to Your Home

Craftsman homes have a unique architectural style that appeals to many people. There is something warm and earthy about these charming houses. If you like the craftsman style but don’t want to part with your existing home, you can add elements common to craftsman houses. Best of all, some of these additions are very affordable.

No Two Craftsman Homes Are Alike

The craftsman home can be traced to an arts and crafts movement which began in Britain under the architectural vision of Gustav Stickley who published a popular magazine titled The Craftsman. The magazine was known for celebrating the artisan lifestyle, and it also sold house plans that were unique for the time.

The homes that were constructed from plans sold by Stickley would eventually come to be called craftsman homes. They were given this name because of the magazine and also because each home made use of common arts and crafts elements. It didn’t take long until the craftsman home was regarded as its own architectural style.

While some features such as wide eaves and pillars near the entry define the style, Stickley also believed the homes should be functional. This is why it is also common for craftsman homes to have unique details that set one home apart from another.

Creating a Craftsman Home Exterior on a Budget

Homeowners today can draw upon the common elements of the craftsman style to change the exterior look of their home. Making interior changes can be more difficult, but for some homeowners getting the craftsman look outside is enough. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Adding window boxes is one of the most popular ways to incorporate craftsman design. Window boxes are very affordable and are easy to install. Just one afternoon will have your windows looking much different. Today’s window boxes are also made of durable material that lasts many years, making them an economical choice.

Shutters are also another way to spruce up the windows of your home. Exterior shutters that are made from composite PVC material can be painted in any color that you like, and you can easily coordinate the style of your shutters with the style of window boxes you have chosen. You don’t have to be an experienced handyman to install today’s shutters.

Spruce Up the Roof Elements of Your Home

The design of a home’s roof plays into the creation of a craftsman home. Gables in particular are common elements. You might want to consider using some decorative gable brackets when looking to replicate the craftsman style.

Corbels are a type of molding or millwork that contribute to the overhangs craftsman homes are known for. You can find beautiful cedar corbels at a reasonable price, and they are even available in a smooth or rough finish. Exterior wood corbels can be customized to your liking and ready in about a week.

Free Your Inner Artisan

Remember, the unique elements of craftsman homes help to define the style. You have plenty of room for artistic expression when it comes to adding these elements to your home. Don’t be afraid to draw upon your own creativity.

The whole point of adding craftsman elements to the exterior of your home is to create that feeling of warmth and comfort. Your home’s exterior should say that you have an appreciation for the simple yet elegant things in life. You will be surprised how just a few small modifications to a home’s exterior can transform its entire look. The elements we mentioned will serve that purpose.


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