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Eco-Strategies to Reduce the Hazardous Effect of Urban Heat Island

The urban heat island is also known as UHI and it refers to that particular metropolitan area of a city that gets much warmer than the surrounding suburbs. The effects of UHI are highly noticeable during the seasons of summer and winter when the temperature difference between day and night time becomes a big issue. Its other effects are as follows:

  • The effect of UHI increase the level of energy consumption
  • It creates a big problem for the aquatic systems
  • It creates air pollution and higher the rate of greenhouse gas emission
  • Indirectly impact on weather and climate
  • Effect on health and well-being of animals, humans and birds

These are some of the most prominent hazardous effects of urban heat. Hence it has become a primary job for the mankind to reduce the effect of UHI. In the section below we will take you through a list of the best strategies that will help you to reduce the stress of urban heat.

Install Light-coloured Roofs (Preferably White)

It is a scientifically proven fact that white roofs or light colour concrete can reduce the effect of urban heat up to 50% by reflecting sunlight and its ambient temperature. On the other hand, black or dull coloured roof absorb the heat and make the surface warmer. As a result, it directly causes UHI and increases the overall demand for air conditioning. So, it is always suggested to install light coloured roofs in your commercial or even in residential premises.

Look for Energy Stars when Buying Electronic Appliances

It is always recommended to use such electronic products and equipment that consume less electricity and lighten the load of grids through the heat waves. So it is always suggested to buy electronic products that qualified the benchmark of Energy Star. Using this type of product will not only help you to reduce the effect of UHI but in addition, you also will be able to save energy bills.

Plant Trees in the Core Metropolitan

There are plenty of benefits that you can expect if you choose to plant trees in the core metropolitan of the city where the UHI affects most. They offer a full spectrum of benefits including the following:

  • Absorb carbon dioxide
  • Release oxygen
  • Provide comprehensive cooling effect
  • Provide shades
  • Release fresh air

Trees are the best solution we have to reduce the hazardous effect of urban heat. It will help us to make the atmosphere cooler during summer and warmer in winter.

If you do not get the space to plant trees then you have to opt for vertical gardening. Green wall offers all the benefits like normal gardens. In addition, they also improve the aesthetics of the building and increase the overall property value.

Final Word – Take Personal Care

It is important for metropolitans to understand the fact that nothing can reverse the power of a good habit. UHI can potentially damage your health so it becomes important for us to stay hydrated all the time. So, drink 4 – 5 litres of water every day and fight against the hazardous effect of urban heat.


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Written by Tom Clark


  1. Good suggestion, Tom. The problem is a matter of concern for us, unfortunately, there are also many who do not care, especially those who make a profit by turning the green land into commercial buildings in or around urban areas, or illegal logging, etc.