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African violets

It’s not a big secret that African violets want to bloom better when they are well lit. Light is one of the basic components of the plants needed for the production of energy necessary for the production of flowers. From our experience, most of the common reasons why violets are not blooming is because they are not placed in a sufficiently illuminated place.

Another secret for getting flowers on the plant or the interruption of flowering is in a watering system that allows the earth around the root to have uniform moisture but not to be soaked. When little buds begin to notice on the plant, they are very gentle, and if the plant that is fully engaged is allowed to be dry, buds will froth and dry out. In addition, when the flower in the flower it evaporates more moisture in the air than usual, so the plant is susceptible to drying faster when it is in flower, and the flowers will probably be the first part of the plant to experience it.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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