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African Daisy by oscarps

Dimorphotheca ecklonis is an ornamental plant belonging to the asteraceae family. It is native to South Africa, also known as daisy, elia or African daisy.

Its genus comprises about 20 species. It is native to South Africa. He arrived in Europe in the last quarter of the S. XVIII. The blue daisy needs to be located in full sun. It is a temperate climate plant. Frosts are often harmful. The land will be the common garden mixed with 1/4 of sand so you have a good drainage and some manure.

The irrigations will be moderate and regular. Avoid staining the ground. It supports quite the lack of watering. The flowering is very long beginning in spring and ending with the arrival of the cold season, period in which the whole aerial part is dried to be reborn with the arrival of spring.


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    • Saya setuju. Saya juga suka humor, meski agak pendiam, saya senang sekali menggoda dan bercanda. Lalu apakah kita akan selalu bertukar bahasa seperti ini (dengan mengandalkan google tentu saja)..? Dan tentu saja dalam susunan kalimat yang berantakan.

      I agree. I like humor too, though somewhat reserved, I love to tease and joke. Then will we always exchange languages like this (by relying on google of course)..? And of course in a messy sentence…

      Estoy de acuerdo. Me encanta el humor, aunque un poco tenue, estoy emocionado de provocar y broma. Entonces, si siempre nos intercambio de idiomas como esto (por supuesto depender de Google) ..? y por supuesto en desordenado línea.

      In your language must be messy is not it?

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