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Looking to take up a new hobby?

Well, you can definitely make some space for some greenery in your house making it self sustainable and more eco-friendly. And gardening not only helps you pass your spare time wisely. But, it also contributes to making your home green and aromatic at the same time.

The most popular area in any house are bathrooms and the kitchenette. As your kitchen is a food area, you can’t get rid of several odors. You may use quality products to clean the space but in the end, there are several occasions that may leave your kitchen stinking.

Believe it or not, but plants can come to your rescue in this need of hour. Read along to learn more about the best must-have plants to keep your kitchen aromatic and fresh at the same time.


None of us want to get sick. But, unfortunately, falling prey to germs and allergies is not something we choose for ourselves or our loved ones.

Moreover, in the kitchen, we deal with so many organic items like vegetables, fruits, and other groceries. Germs quickly catch the aroma and attack our healthy products. Eventually, making us ill.

So, what can be done in such cases? Shall one visit pharmacists, every then and now? Or shall we stop using the kitchen?

Growing Aloe Vera is a very good option. Not because it smells good. But because it’s functional, inexpensive and adds beauty to the countertops. You can get access to some gel quite easily which work wonders with cuts, boils, and burns.

White Jasmine

Flowers? Yes!

Generally, it is the fragrance of the flowers which attracts us the most. And, dealing with any foul smell inside your food zone is a big no for most people. So, why not to grow flower plants in your kitchen area.

And, the best option in the category is white jasmine. This flower is easy to keep alive indoors. The peaceful scent and beautiful blossoms of this plant are something that will spruce up your day.

Placing a pot on a window sill is the ideal climate for growing your very own jasmine plant indoors. Certainly, this flowering plant helps in maintaining the freshness in your kitchen area. The less overpowering and subtle fragrance of this house plant will bring all good feels to you.


If you love herbs that grow back easily, basil is a very comfortable option for your indoor garden. Indeed, it promotes greenery, accompanied by a fresh aroma. And not to forget, you can make some pesto or garnish with this herb almost anytime.

One of the most digestible characters of this plant is that it does not require direct sunlight. So, you don’t have to worry much about the temperature issues while planting basil. You can use it in cooking tasks and can regrow it again and again with one of its stems.


The fennel plant is famous worldwide for its flavourful and aromatic nature. Not only does it promote greenery, but it is also known to have numerous health benefits. Keep a pot of this plant on your patio and enjoy its fragrance all the time.

Interestingly, fennel seeds are tiny, but their leaves are extended. So, it’s the best solution to keep your kitchen free of obnoxious and bad smells

Aluminum Plant

When you plant a kitchen garden, always be creative. Try to choose some unusual plants to add in the kitchen farm.

An aluminum plant or Pilea Cadierei is something you must choose to grow. The one major highlight of this plant is it becomes best when you pot it in a hanging basket. So adding this to your kitchen can literally take up no space. And it’s metallic green hue definitely adds charm to your space.

These are only a very few plants that you can grow indoors. Several people choose to go big on herbs and plant a whole assortment like rosemary, thyme, cilantro, mint, oregano, and chives even. And if you aren’t a big fan of these, then you can look towards having terrariums or succulents. You can never really run out of options.

Not only do these amazing plants make breathing in the kitchen easier, but they also purify the air and release water to increase the humidity. This actually keeps all respiratory issues at bay. Make sure you use the right home cleaning tools to keep the area hygienic and pest-free. With a small kitchen garden, you can reap several benefits that promote a healthy lifestyle. And it’s always easy to plug a few sprigs to spice up your cooking.


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Written by Sean Roberts

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