5 Houses to view in Pt Chevalier to Westmere

I spent some time exploring the area from Pt chevalier to Westmere and have some pictures in my previous posts. Now I have five homes for you to see, well if they are all used for that purpose.

Houses in Auckland are a premium and now most of them are one million dollars up. Some of these are well over a million dollars.

Which is ironic, for there are many homeless in Auckland that are living on the street. If you ignore poverty for too long something is going to go bust in the end. I have seen an increased and accelerated rate of burglaries in the area where I live, through Neighbourly. It’ more than not having a house, it’s drug addiction and other problems. An ever decreasing circle for all concerned.

We can’t solve the world’s problem of poverty, it’s all too overwhelming but it is possible to help one person at a time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being rich, so long as your main wealth is inside you, not your purse. It’s what you do with money. If you have a garden you can grow flowers, fruit and herbs and vegetables. It’s a great way to beat the system. Just as good even better than winning the lottery. You can get for near free what can otherwise be very expensive. That’s really satisfying. Though I wouldn’t sneeze at winning the lottery.


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Written by Pamela Moresby