Upgrade Your Home: Cute Small Bathrooms for Every Taste

Guest bathroom or private bathroom, make it classy& stylish!

Small bathrooms are simply a challenge. They are difficult for organizing, decoration and difficult to use if not done properly. I’ve made a selection of various types of design and style of bathrooms. You will see that it is not necessary to stick to light colors in order to make your toilet visually larger. You can use even darks, like black and charcoal, as wall paint or tile color, and your bathroom will look equally gorgeous.


Girly and pink

Retro under sink cabinet in a beautiful pink color and colorful wall art can make a great difference to a duo chrome bathroom.



Small bath

Mirrored tiles and crystal chandelier

Add some touch of luxury with a crystal chandelier in your simple bathroom or toilet. You will be amazed by the result. The reflection of the chandelier and the mirrored tiles on the white walls gives a marble effect.

bathroom small

Retro is the new trendy

Little texture cannot hurt no one. Textured mirror frame, textured tiles, and sink cabinet and voila- a retro stylish bath.


Dark and artistic

Very noir and artsy, this bathroom is simply stylish.

grey bathroom

Scandinavian minimalism

Organized and minimal, this is a Scandinavian dream. Look at that cute mirror!

vanity floating

Comic Book bathroom

Fun design with black subway tiles and gold framed classic mirror. The wooden floors are an unexpected twist.

bw bath

Classy and elegant

Who said that dalmatian, zebra and similar animal patterns should stay only on textile? Let’s add some classy African wall print and upgrade it with a touch of gold! So colonial and so unusual!

classy bath


Shades of pastels

Classic and safe option for traditional people. The mauve, blue and beige are always good idea for any room in the house. Just be careful not to achieve a dull look!

grey bath

Natural and zen

Natural, earthy tones, stone sink and a mirror that is probably a souvenir from far destinations is a perfect choice for trendy adventurers and nature lovers.

classy bathroom


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