Tips to organize small bedroom space for couples

The bedroom is a very special zone in our home and it needs privacy. However, not always people have spacious and comfortable bedrooms as they would like. But we always can improve the look of even the smallest bedroom to make it look great and more beautiful. The biggest benefit of a small bedroom is that we do not need a lot of money for making some changes.


First of all, keep in mind that your bedroom is only the space for your rest, so you should not make it as a multifunctional area for work, eating, even watching TV, etc. Leave only the minimum of bedroom furniture: a bed, a chest of drawers, may a shelf, and if there is still enough space and you have not a separate wardrobe in your home, then add a wardrobe. Do not overload your bedroom space with various unnecessary household items: flowers, lamps, bookshelves, and others, because the more various details you will use, the more bedroom will look smaller.

If the sleeping area is very small, first of all, it should be remembered that the bed can be built not only in the center of the building but also in a corner or even a niche and even a head-centered to the window – the main thing is to leave at least one free bed’s side of the entrance to bed.

  • The bed is one of the main attributes of the bedroom, so even in the small bedroom, it should be. When choosing a comfortable bed, pay attention to its size. If the bed is too large, the small bedroom will look like stuffed, so look for an optimal option that’s right for your room. In addition, in order to create a harmonious whole in a small bedroom, choose the main furniture: bed, closet, chest of drawers of a similar color.

The color of the paint.

Choose a playful wall color or design in a small bedroom. In the small bedrooms, we should be more careful about experimenting with colors. Dark, bright colors usually reduce visual space and should be used in moderation. Of course, that the bedroom would not become tedious, interior designers advise us to pick brighter accents. A brighter cushion or picture will certainly not reduce the impression of a more spacious bedroom.

However, in order to expand the small bedroom, it is best to choose bright, soft shades, which also help to relax, giving a sense of calm. It’s perfect for creamy, sandy, bluish, gray shades. The color of the curtains should not clash with the colors used in the room. On the contrary, the curtains should complement the colors of the room and give the room a sense of height and magnitude.

It is possible to paint a single wall of a small bedroom in a very bright color (if it is dark, then the furniture should be light). If you do not want one bright color, you can choose two different colors and paint the walls with vertical lines. Vertical lines will create the illusion that the room is taller, larger and more open.


Small bedrooms should be well lit. Lighting in the bedroom must be pleasant, warm and gentle. If the room is dark, it may look smaller than it is. Choose thinner curtains that will let more light into the room. This should increase the room visually. Here you should combine the general and the individual zones lighting. General lighting should not give a very intense light. In addition, it would be best if its intensity was regulated and would create a different mood.

Mirrors and decorations

The glass doors can help to avoid gloomy and claustrophobic premises – through them the space of the bedroom seems to extend into other areas of the house, but at the same time preserves the impression of privacy, a separate room. A similar effect is created by a wall-mounted luminary, while the mirror over the bed diversifies the small room space and looks decorative. Hang a few long mirrors in a small bedroom. Mirrors make up the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is and reflects more light.

The painting is a rather important part of the interior, but it should be used carefully in the space of a small room. One bigger expressive picture above the bed would look much better than many pictures hanging in different room zones.

You will get a bigger impression of the space by reducing to a minimum the contrasts between the planes: floors, walls, ceilings, choosing large furniture of the same color: bed, wardrobe, couches. It should be avoided decorative wallpapers, bedspreads, and curtains of small pattern or combine them with elements of solid color – better fewer details, but of the bigger pattern or decorative designs. If you want a few contrasting elements of the interior, this could include bedside lamps, small mats, medium-sized paintings or decorative cushions.

One more solution for the small bedroom – almost the second floor – an open entresol. 

The industrial solution for small space housing is an open entresol. If the height of the ceiling is more than 3.5 m, the bedroom can be moved to an upright position above the dining room or the living room. This will give you the opportunity to form all the usual functional areas even in a small space. If necessary, the bed can be hidden behind the curtains or blinds, especially if the entresol is made straight to the part of the window.

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