Tips to clean your new house spotless

Shifting to a different place and moving in a new house can be both exciting and terrifying. People get used to the familiarity around them and a change from that can be pretty intimidating. On the other hand there are so many new possibilities for you to explore when you move in a new place. Your new house will offer you uncluttered space, bare walls and basically a blank canvas for you. You can start from scratch and build your new home the way you want to. You can organise it the way you wand and decorate it the way you want to.

But before any of the fun stuff begins you need to take care of a much important stuff, namely cleaning your new house. Move in cleaning is extremely important and is also a necessity. Dust, dust and grime will be left behind by the previous occupants of the house which needs to be handled before you start living there. You can get move in cleaning service in Delhi and many other places to help you with this work. Otherwise you can even choose to do it yourself. It will also be easier to clean the house properly before all your furniture arrives.

If you decide to clean the house yourself post moving in then you must do it right. Follow the tips given below to make your new house clean and hygienic for you to live in.

  • Start by cleaning all the high surfaces before you clean the low ones. Clean all the lighting fixtures, high selves, ceiling fans, etc first so that all the dust and dirt falls down to the floor which can be cleaned later. Any other features close to the ceiling needs to be cleaned properly as these parts don’t get cleaned often so they tend to get pretty grimy.
  • Cleaning your fridge is extremely important. Before you start restocking your perishable food supplies in your fridge you need to clean and sanitize it properly. Use a soap solution to clean all the individual selves and drawers and also the inside of the fridge. Let everything dry completely before you turn it on.
  • Cleaning the rest of the kitchen is your next task. Kitchens can easily get pretty grimy and dirty so it needs to be handled before anymore dirt accumulates. All the appliances need to be cleaned inside out. The kitchen sink has to be disinfected after cleaning it.
  • Bathrooms are the place everyone dreads cleaning. Most people contact services to help with move in move out cleaning in Delhi and other places just by the thought of cleaning the bathrooms. But it has to be done. You need to clean every inch and corner of it spotless by using strong bathroom cleaners. But that is not all; you also need to disinfect the whole space. Use a good anti-bacterial spray to get rid of lingering germs.
  • Use correct products to clean your floors according to the material it is made of and you will be set to enjoy your new house.


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