Tips for stylish children’s room decor for a boy

Creating the design of the children’s room is a series of endless dilemmas and solutions to complex issues – it is necessary to correlate the possibilities of the room (its size and shape, layout) with the child’s age, his needs, and interests, choose safe and environmentally friendly materials and furniture, but take into account that new repair  will happen enough quickly, because the passions of your child are changing.

How not only to stay within the financial budget for a small reconstruction or big repair but also to satisfy the wishes of the child, not to contradict his opinions and requests? In this publication, I will try to find answers to all these questions regarding the boy’s room.

Criteria for choosing a child’s room design for a boy

Of course, the main factor influencing the design of a children’s room is the age and height of the boy. Obviously, the age of the child determines not only the composition of the interior but also the design concept itself. Of course, there are things that are necessary for every child, regardless of age, for example, a sleeping place that matches his height. But in the rest of the situation, the children’s room can vary greatly.

In addition to the age, the concept of the design of children is influenced by such important factors as:

  • The size of the room – in a small-sized room, it is difficult to put even a minimal set of interior items, and in the spacious children’s room, it is possible to arrange literally a center for development, sports, and creativity.
  • The location of the room relative to other premises of the dwelling, the number of door and window openings – the weight of these factors affect the layout of the interior. 
  • The location of the children room with respect to the sides of the light, the level of natural light – affect the choice of color palette and the number of lighting devices.
  • Temperament of the child, level of development, interests – influence color decisions, furniture set, sports shells (if there is a place for them) and additional elements of the interior.
  • The financial possibilities of parents – the range of finishing materials, furniture and decor in modern shops is presented in an incredibly wide range of prices, it is obvious that for each family it is important to find the optimal variant of the cost of repairs and to comply with the requirements of safety and environmental compatibility, aesthetic result of the end result.

Design of a room for a boy from birth and up to 2-3 years old

Most design projects for newborns, which we see on foreign sites, are most often represented in the pastel color scheme. Delicate, light shades literally are on all surfaces – from the decoration of the walls to the textile design of the sleeping area. And for that, there are many reasons. For the first times, it does not matter which material the carpet is made of, the quality of the wallpaper for the walls, or whether it is possible to break the chandelier, aiming to throw a ball in it. The main thing for a baby is the favorable atmosphere in the room where he is – sufficient temperature, humidity, and illumination. The first repair parents do mostly for themselves.

Pre-school boy’s room

The main requirement for a preschool room is the maximum provision of a child’s leisure. Depending on the temperament of the boy and his enthusiasm, it can be sports lessons, creativity in various directions or just active games. Obviously, for this purpose, it is necessary to release as much free space as possible. The built-in furniture of the attic beds model helps to save the useful area of the room. If the sizes of the room allow – be sure to equip it with sporting projectiles – a Swedish wall, a small turnstile, a boxing pear or whole sports and play complex will be a great help in the physical development of the boy.

It is precisely in the rooms for preschool boys or primary school students that thematic design options are most often used. The hobbies of any characters in cartoons, fairy tales, comics or just one theme allow parents to demonstrate their design abilities and it is not easy to make a standard child room, but to create a truly unique little world within a room for sleeping, rest, doing arts, sports, and acquiring new skills.

Children’s room for-schoolboy

Your boy has already got a full-fledged workplace (written and, most likely, computer table 2 in 1) still at the stage of preparation for the school. But this does not mean that the toys will completely disappear from his life, and hence from the children’s room. In storage systems, it is still necessary to consider the presence of toys, books, stationery, sports attributes and, of course, clothing and footwear.

Specialists recommend using height-adjustable furniture to create an uncomfortably convenient and practical but ergonomic workplace. On sale a lot of tables, the height of which countertops are regulated. Similar systems are equipped with chairs or computer chairs. It is important that the back of the child has the right support – the modern child has a lot of time to carry out homework.

A schoolboy may not only be able to express his opinion while designing his room but also take an active part in choosing all interior components. Maybe in a store of finishing materials, your child will not be very interesting, but he will definitely want to express his preferences in choosing a color palette, interior themes, furniture selection, textiles for windows, carpet flooring.

Room design for a teenage boy

The decor of a boy-teen room is a joint project of parents and the child. It is important to take into account the wishes of the son in choosing color solutions, the general concept of design, furniture and decor elements. After all, the children’s room often becomes a refuge of tranquility, relaxation for a teenager with an uneasy rhythm of life. Of course, the facilities of the premises and the family’s financial budget for repairing the children will largely determine its appearance, but it is important to try to find a compromise between the wishes of the son and the resources of the parents.

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