Tips for small bedroom: wall mounted bed, bed in a closet, folding bed

A small living space and a lot of property – where to put everything in order to leave an empty place for the bed? By focusing on beauty, creating a home interior, do not forget the function. To accommodate as many features as possible, at the same time we often forget that the main factor, the luster of comfort, is space. These two principles are partly contradictory, but there are some ways out.

Multifunctional objects and transformed furniture are a great help in maintaining space in the small room and not overloading many items of furniture.

At night the room becomes a bedroom, on the daytime,  the bed with the whole bedding is hidden in the closet.Some apartment buildings are not so spacious that they can have a separate bedroom, some of the homes are also small, often with one living room, kitchen, and bedroom. How to arrange a room so that individual functions do not interfere with each other? A bed in the bedside cabinet, the folded bed and, at the same time, a sofa are solutions that allow room space to be used both at night and in the daytime.

Folding bed, wall mounted beds save space and time

All bedding is fastened with a belt and clings to the wall when the bed is folded. In the evening, you just have to unfold the bed, unclip the belts and jump into the pillows. Such transformed furniture makes it more rational to use space and avoid dull work.

Such beds are especially good in children’s rooms because when you fold a bed, there is more space for mobile games. Stationary bunk beds occupy a lot of space, and it is more rational to install two folded beds.

It is very important that the lifting mechanism is mounted not in the wood frame in the lift bed, but in the metal. Metal holds it firmly, preventing the mechanism from damage even after lifting bed thousands of times.Many are afraid that the bed will fall down suddenly. For protection against falling, the mechanism has a special function – a part of the springs prevent a bed from falling sharply all the way down. So, such bed is not dangerous for the children.

For a folded bed to be completely similar to a closet or a chest, it is usually combined with the shelves around, the bottom of it, it means, the front cabinet facade can be mirrored. In this case, if the headboard is based on the wall, the furniture in the room is quite similar to the closet, if the frame and mattress are parallel to the wall, it resembles a chest of drawers. Under this, the beds are divided into vertical and horizontal.

Pull out beds

If the room is somewhat higher than the standard, it is possible to mount a bed on a floor with a height frame, to cover it with skirting boards or another cover, and then to accommodate pull-out beds. In this case, the climb is used as part of the room space, the beds are pulled out at night and do not interfere with the furniture at day.

The ladder required for a comfortable getting on. This option of space saving is somewhat risky, especially for smaller children, they can fall down of the podium or stairs.

In a small child’s room, you can choose a fold-out bed that will save space. Instead of sofa beds, you can choose a folding double bed in the closet and enjoy a quality sleep. It’s great that manufacturers come up with ways to easily resolve troublesome household problems.

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