Tips for green interior color and its color combinations

Green is a true color of our nature, and it is the closest to man. The green spectrum is the most acceptable to the human eye. The eye can distinguish many shadows of the green color, in particular, green hues. It is in the green color that the human eye looks very relaxed.

The green color in the interior is most positively influencing the human psyche. It relaxes, gives stability, and security feelings that are very needed in our time. Green shades are universally suited to any style, they can be customized to any taste. The interior with tonnes of green is even recommended for a city man tired of gray concrete and asphalt and a shouting advertising. We do not always feel it, but we become more irritable, more sensitive, and more nervous. Green shade rooms help to get rid of excessive colors’ tension.

On a gloomy winter day, green shades resemble the spring. In the summer, they blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. In the autumn, they soothe and warm. An eternal spring is flourishing in the green interior.
How to combine green with other colors?

  • Green and blue. It’s like a forest and sky. Soothing and refreshing combination. A quiet combination of these colors is suitable for a bedroom or a lounge, more bright shares are suitable for a kitchen, a children’s room, and a living room.
  • Green and brown. The correspondent in nature is the leaves and straw of the tree. A great, natural combination, often adapted to the modern interior. If green combines with mild brown tones, the interior calms and stabilizes. If you want to emphasize greener, it’s better to take intense, dark brown: chocolate, venge shades. Then the whole interior will be more contrasting, but still calm.
  • Green and black. Like grass and earth. Maybe the only combination in which the green color looks contrasted.
  • Green and red. Like flower’s leaves and blossom. It is these two colors that are the most complimentary. In addition to red, the green looks even greener, and the red next to the green is even redder.
  • Green and yellow. Flowering dandelions. A joyful combination, reminiscent of the summer. Recommended in children’s rooms.
  • Green and white. Flowering garden. A combination that gives lightness, clarity, spring. Very suitable for small rooms. but you can apply this combination for large spaces too.
  • Green and green. However, it is difficult to combine a lot of green colors. If you take it, I would advise you to combine the different green patterns, textures, intensities of the same shade. Otherwise, there will be a big mix.

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