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Tips for creating home office space

Nowadays, it often happens people to be working at home, but in a rare standard home, there is plenty of space for a separate office. In a large home, the workplace is often thrown into a smaller room or the corner of a large room. The situation in the small houses is worse: the workplaces are “inserted” into tiny cramped spaces, completely incompatible with a healthy and productive work environment. What can we do?

The way out – despite the location of the workplace, to create an impression of space and a comfortable environment providing the most mobile office furniture and equipment. Well thought out, even the smallest space can be a functional, productive and pleasant place to work.

Small one-room office

If you are working in a room that is very small, consider how you can expand the space or at least visually enlarge it: insert as much daylight as possible (if possible, install a roof window) and create a highly organized office system to avoid any clutter. The walls should be bright and the furniture should not be massive in any way (the large wooden desk looks nice and impressive, but it can take up your entire office space). Better will be the minimalist, metal framed furniture. And, of course, they should be ergonomic.

Work table

Select a table that fits precisely into the wall or the niche, or, more precisely, instead of a table, place the worktable that is specifically designed for this place. Do not leave unused space at the bottom: use it to store files or document files, bookcases or computer equipment. Alternatively, invest in a multi-tasking worktable that provides plenty of space for work and stuff.

Computer equipment

In a small space it may be difficult to accommodate all the supplies, but in this situation, you can find a way out. Hide the printer under the table or in the wall cabinet (in this case, the internal sockets will be very useful), and try to put all the rest of the equipment as effectively as possible on each other. If you have little freedom of movement, place the monitor on a swivel rack so that you can easily change its position.

Little things

Paper, pens, notebooks, and notepads in the office always create an illusion of a lot of clutter than it is. Keep these items out of the table, take them only when they are needed, and place the rest in special pouches or boxes in a less visible place. You can hang a board with pins for notes and reminders in front of your desk, if necessary, it can occupy the entire border. Follow the order and the system, then you never mislay anything.

Unusual places for home office

If there is no free space available at home for a home office, think about where to create a work area: maybe there is a space used inefficiently. If the apartment allows for high ceilings and budget is enough, think of a half-story installation above the living room or the bedroom. It should not be big: to fit the workplace and have the technical ability to set up a separate office space. If there is not enough free space, the solution is to place the cabinets in front of the wall from floor to ceiling and to make a partition from them for the office and to inflate the chair inside.

 Shared space

Often, we are forced to work outside the workroom, for example, at the dining table or on one side of the bedroom. This duplication of room functions can be a problem if the room is used simultaneously for both purposes, but if you carefully plan the room space, it can become very functional.

The office in the bedroom is a good way because the room functions are not interrupted (the day room can serve for one purpose, at night for other), but you need to reflect on how to hide a workplace after the day’s work (fits even a simple partition, just it must be in the style that suits the common interior of the room).


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  1. They all look nice and neat. But who is this neat anyway? My workspace gets messed up easily and quickly. I need to reorganize again…on a weekly basis.

    I transformed my dining room area into my office space, where I am able to simultaneously watch tv and work on the computer because I am one person and I don’t use a dining room by myself.

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