Small Closet Makeover

Wednesday, 7.31.19

I decided to watch some girl’s small closet makeover because it is similar to my size. I like the way she rolls up the leggings to make more space. I like her decor because it is monochromatic white.

The second video is actually my reorganizing closet video that I did in 2015. I did the video for one closet. There is another closet inside my master bedroom, which is for longer clothes, such as dresses and coats as well as accessory carousel for shoes and purses. I didn’t fold my sweaters very well or neatly. But this organization has changed since 2015. I had reorganized again during around 2017, and I had placed one shelf for leggings and sweatshirts. Another shelf for sweaters. I organized certain vests and blouses on stacked hangers. And, I placed hats, belts, camisoles, and cropped tops on the smaller shelves. I didn’t really do a makeover. I most did some housecleaning and reorganizing.


What do you think?

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