Renovation of the bathtub and my absence with virily.com

Robin Biznis October 5.2018 Belgrade

Dear friends.

I am very sorry that I could not be more active in the previous days.

You are left out to review your comments and my votes.

But the circumstances were such.

For a long time I was shaken by my additional job by reparation the customers when.

I only had one bath for three days. From Thursday to Saturday.

She was in a very bad condition. She was picked up by a git for a car and another two times she was painted with bathtub paint.

Then she had corrosion at the bottom of the bathtub. You can see all this in the photos below.

The second day my grinder was burnt and I had to buy a new one.

It was not easy for me to know because i have 66 years and bad health.

When I come home tired, I just lay in bed.

I’m just writing this poll today, and I wrote a quiz, I hope I’ll be able to set it up if the server is fast.

I also hope that in the future, I will make a mistake, and at least look at your articles that you have sent these days.

All the best.


What do you think?

One Comment

  1. You have been very busy. What a great job you did not eh tub, like a new one now.
    Never feel you have to apologize got not being here. You are missed but life takes
    us away to do other things sometimes. Good to see you.