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My Picks For Cool Tweets About Things “Bohemian”

Bohemian is a word people usually associate with a gypsy or hippie or free-spirited lifestyle.  For me, the word “Bohemian” conjures up an image of Eva Gardner in “The Barefoot Contessa”.  Words used in Wikipedia to describe or define Bohemianism are “unconventional”, “wanderers”, “vagabonds” …  You get the picture.  Their home or living space would probably be described as “rustic”.  Another thing is that Bohemian folks don’t do 3-piece navy blue suits.  Their fashion style leans more towards loose comfortable casual clothing.  Last but not least, Bohemians pursue artistic, musical, literary, philosophical or spiritual endeavors.  Yes.  I realize that’s a very large umbrella and you could categorize a lot of activities underneath it.  Especially the philosophical and spiritual pursuits.

I joined a Pinterest group board because it was created by a friend, a fellow Internet marketer, and she invited me.  She was into Bohemian or BOHO style home décor and fashion.  I contributed a few pins but must confess that I have not been an active pinner.  My other social networks (Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook) consume more of my time.  Nevertheless, I do rather like BOHO or Bohemian vibe.  That’s why I picked it as a search term for cool tweets.



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