My Home Reorganization Continues…

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Today, I decided to reorganize the area under the kitchen sink. I am not sure what is under there, besides cleaning products and tools. So, I took everything out, before cleaning the inside, which involved mostly brushing out small particles, maybe wood. I noticed some areas were chipped deep. I remember I have some wood filler from 2 years ago. I decided to use it up. It was a little hard, but I added water to soften and moisten it. I filled in areas. Then, I had to let it dry for a couple of hours. I did the laundry, took a shower, and internet surfed until 5 pm. Then, I decided to use some of the adhesive liner I used for the small table. I lined the area under the sink, covering all the area. I still had some liner left over. Then, I added this plastic clear liner that I already had. I probably bought it for lining shelves. I cut some pieces and placed them over the adhesive liner. I used some scotch tape to tape the plastic pieces together. Then, I added tools, toolbox, cleaning products, and some old flea and insect killer products. It looks better.


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