Make Your Bedroom Cosier in 5 Easy Steps

We need our bedrooms to be multifunctional: a serene and comfortable place to sleep in, a quiet retreat, a place to unwind and relax, and a space that’s reflective of our unique personalities. Most of all, we want them to be cosy and inviting, and there are many ways to achieve that. All kinds of décor ideas can make a room cosy, whether you prefer soft and pastel colours, or vibrant and lively patterns.

With just a few design tips, you can turn your bedroom into a dreamy and luxurious sanctuary by carefully choosing colours, textures, lights and furniture.

Pick a soothing colour palette

The colour palette you choose for your bedroom can have a great impact on the overall vibe of the space. For ultimate cosiness, most designers encourage the use of soft, neutral tones, such as off whites, mid-greys, beiges, powder pinks and soft browns. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more vibrancy, there are many nuances of sea blues and turquoise greens that provide a peaceful background for warmer coloured accessories.

Go low with lights

For a calm effect in the bedroom, it’s best you keep your bulbs under 15 watts and even eliminate overhead lighting. Your bedroom is in essence a place where you sleep, so either install a dimmer on your light fixtures, or get rid of it altogether and go for a variety of small lamps at different heights. They add more depth and texture to the space and with sturdier lampshades, you can diffuse light all throughout the room.

Himalayan salt lamps have become an increasingly popular method of cosying up a space as they give off a subtle, pink-toned glow that will instantly make your bedroom seem warm and serene. They also have some hidden benefits, such as air purifying properties so they can help you breathe more easily at night.

Dress up your bed

Nothing speaks comfort and relaxation better than a luxurious bed, so of all the bedroom décor you could splurge on, pick your bed. More is better here, so go big when it comes to high quality linens with high thread count, a soft comforter and a couple of extra blankets for cold winter months.

A duvet is a must, but you need not spend much on it. They come in a great variety of patterns and colours and are an excellent way to bring in a fresh look to your bedroom with the change of seasons. Saving a few bucks here will allow you to buy the best king mattress out there as cosy doesn’t exist without comfy! A mattress of the right size, material and softness will ensure your body gets the support it needs and you get a good night rest.

Add layers and texture

Layers of various natural materials will add tons of texture and warmth to your bedroom, so go with wood, rattan, wicker, wool and linen. Use them generously, but avoid materials such as metal and plastic as they can make a room appear cold, hard and fabricated. Keep them down to a minimum only in details such as furniture feet and knobs.

Don’t limit your fabrics only to bed linens, but incorporate them around the room to introduce more softness. For instance, throw a few pillows in the armchair in your reading nook, drape a blanket at the foot of the bed and dress up your windows with curtains that match the overall colour palette.

Finally, take care of the floors as that’s where your first step lands in the morning. Anything from a Persian rug, to high-pile wool area rug and a trendy minimalist piece will do the trick, plus it will give you another opportunity to get playful both with colour and design.

Go into details

Details are your exclusive way to add a personal touch to your bedroom, so embrace the opportunity and be as creative as you desire. Art choices are always very personal and taste-driven, but the basic principle for a bedroom is to avoid high-energy colours such as bright green, oranges and reds, but go with pieces with more gray, blue and pale green tones that evoke tranquillity and peace.

Since a third of our lives is spent sleeping, our bedrooms deserve all the special attention we can give them so they can become our cosy and comfortable sanctuary in this hectic world.


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