Lighthouse Outdoor Waterfront Decor

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Yoworld Challenge 6 is Reignite the Light of a Lighthouse home décor challenge. My first avatar received 4.8 on her relaxing lighthouse outdoor home décor. She is dressed in her boho outfit as she hangouts out with her friends outside by the water, turtles, and seagulls. It is a part of the 19th Century PEI Lighthouse theme.

My second avatar received a 4.4 on the same home décor challenge. I decorated it slightly different, with lots of large shells, a different boat, and some pelicans. My second avatar is enjoying her relaxing outdoor environment by herself. There are some wildlife keeping her company. She is probably waiting for her friends to visit because she has some snacks prepared.

In both scenes, both of my avatars are dressed in a boho outfit.

Which lighthouse area would you prefer to live at? Which looks more cozy and comfy?


What do you think?


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