Home Reorganization Project

Friday, 8.9.19

For the past couple of days, I have been watching Youtube videos on room makeovers to get some ideas. I noticed that many of these girls used lots of gold as their accent color as well as lots of black/white and marble print. I didn’t want to buy anything new. I decide to go with whatever I already have, and maybe just add extras to fix old things. 

Today, I continue my reorganization project. I went to Walmart to buy a few items I needed. I got a roll of adhesive liner for the small IKEA table under my long IKEA computer desk. The small table is getting old, but I don’t really need a new own right now. I bought the an old wood rustic texture for my boho office style. I did the top of the small table and the shelf underneath, but I haven’t done the legs yet. I did most of my office space. I just need to go through a few food magazines to see if there is any interesting vegan or vegetarian recipes I might want to keep before I throw away these magazines. 

I also got accessory hooks for my belts, as well as other accessories. I places my light scarves on the round hanger so I am able to see all of them better. 

I got some colorful footie socks for walking. 

I still need to reorganize my bathroom and bedroom as well as go through papers.


What do you think?


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