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Girly & Chic Interior Design

Release your inner chic princess and design your home like a true diva!

Do you want to transform your home in a diva’s kingdom? Or just upgrade it with few chic touches that will make your home chic and girly?

Here are some suggestions for a perfect home for a modern princess.

Pink and purple velvet, gold and silver decor, white details, some flowers, and voila! Your chic home is ready for Instagram! Remember, the details are everything. So, don ‘t spare on crystals, luxury fabrics and dreamy patterns.


Chic Living Room Interior Design

Living room is the place in the home where you probably spend most of the time. Also, you host your guests in that room, so it should perfectly represent you at your best. Show the world that you’re truly a diva!

The Bohemian princess

Chic living room

Mix the purple, elegant color with the turquoise color of the ocean and create a bohemian atmosphere in your main living room. Grey wall paint, in this case, is used as a neutral color that will accent the vibrant pallet in the interior.



Exotic pink and gold color

Pink chair



living room pink

Gold and pink are the most girly colors of all, so they make a mighty combo in creating a chic design. It might look too much like the Barbie’s house, so stay modest with the details.  Less is always more!

Dark chic interior

Living room black

Little bit more serious interior, balanced with the black wall and floors. The elegant touch is in the gold details and the perfect center- piece artwork.

Chic Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most private rooms in your home, but it doesn’t mean that you should keep them simple and plain. Add some color, fabric and luxury touches, and it will become your bathroom will become the spa of the goddess.

Bathroom chic


Bathroom room
Bathroom Design

Girly Bedroom Ideas

Design your perfect, comfortable bedroom. Use the colors of light powdery pink, beige, light grey and a touch of gold and silver in order to create an elegant design.

Chic bedroom
bedroom chic
Bedroom design


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