Bedroom home décor ideas to promote health and happiness

Friday, 11.8.19

Carpeting is out because they can create dust mites, which can make you sick. Considering get ridding of carpets, and adding rugs or area rug.

If you have insomnia problems, decorate your room in relaxing blues or earth tones. You can still add colorful accessories if you don’t want a pale neutral bedroom.

Curtains should be dark to block out light pollution.  Consider blackout curtains.

Leave out snarky art from your bedroom. The bedroom should be very relaxing.

Keep your iPhone out of your bedroom. Read a book, instead.

Reposition your bed. For one thing, you should see your door from your bed, as well as your feet shouldn’t be directly in line with the door.

If you have pets, then consider using an air purifier.

Consider decorating your bedroom in minimalist style, with mostly large items.

Instead of a TV, consider using a portable projector.

Dressers are important furniture pieces. I have a vanity dresser, tall dresser, and nightstand, which all came with my full-size bed as a set. My bed is decorated in mostly pastels, with fun pillows in different shape and texture. I also have 3 old stuffed animals on my bed for décor, and sometimes Gumby also becomes a part of the bed décor.

My bedroom is mostly in pastels.

I recently added these IKEA organizing pieces to remodel my bedroom into a walking closet bedroom. It is mostly to organize accessories and jackets.

My nightstand has basic needs, such as lamp, books, eyeglass cleaner, rosaries, and old decor items.

By the window is Gumby’s cat tree, clothes stand, and bookshelf.

My vanity dresser has my makeup, perfume, telephone, and lamp.

And, my tall dresser has clothes. I have two mirrored sliding door closets, which I organized so I can find what I need when I need it. I often need to reorganize because it gets messed up easily. I also like baskets for organization.


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