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Beautiful exceptional kitchens of different styles

Classical kitchen

The modern classical kitchen is only externally classical. The built-in home appliances do not differ in their function from the equipment used in the most modern kitchens. The feeling of comfort and style of living does not allow classical kitchens to go away.

  • Victorian-style kitchen

Rounded cupboards, a special decoration for hiding two refrigerators and cooking islets. It is used the maple and cherry wood for the furniture on which are carved lions, leaves and grapes. It adds classic charm to the kitchen of the Victorian era. In spite of the classical style, the kitchen is equipped with a large assortment of built-in appliances. The granite table surface is the main place for cooking, under it is a wine closet.
  • South-style kitchen

The luxury kitchen is made of oak. The kitchen equipment consists of 4 freezers and 2 dishwashers. The wall painting is framed by two pillars, where the owner holds kitchen towels, washing tools, plates. A second sink and an electric hob are fitted to the central table. A flat-screen television is pulled out of the closet.
  • French style kitchen

The Ludwig XIV would be proud of such kitchen. It is designed for food production and looks stunning. The French style is created due to the high ceiling, symbolic arches and original wooden details of the ornament. Decorative cabinets with metal liners, bought in Italy, hide a refrigerator, and a two-level bar hides two cooking utensils. The kitchen area is used for relaxation and parties. The floors are covered with tiles that give the room a luxury. The darker maple cabinets contrast with lighter furniture in the kitchen area.
  • Tuscan style classical kitchen

Wooden overlays, Italian tiles, hand-painted frescoes with views of the Italian vineyards life, this classical cuisine is filled with Italian smell from floor to ceiling. Kitchen facilities include 2 dishwashers, a built-in coffee maker, and a stove. The two-level marble table has two baskets of fruit and spices, a sink is fitted. Brick arches with frosted Italian frescoes separate the kitchen from the living room. Among the frescoes are blue and yellow tiles that add uniqueness.
  • Country-style kitchen

In the center of this kitchen is a real apple tree. Its illumination is made in the ceiling between branches. But the most surprising thing is the invisible details, such as the pull-out panel hidden in the granite board and the electrical outlets hidden in the granite board that open when you press the button. Includes a built-in cutting board, wine rack, convection cooker, and a wonderful view through the window to the lake and you will find yourself standing in the lovely kitchen.
  • Family kitchen

This open kitchen and room are created for celebrations and parties. The interesting interior detail is a trolley for pizzas, and the whole kitchen is planned around the pizza oven. Large tables and floors made of rocks give luxury to this space. Kitchen appliances include 2 dishwashers, a refrigerator, and a heating chamber.

Modern kitchen

  • Kitchen in the futuristic style

The new Pininfarina design masterpiece is made in aviation style using aluminum and stainless steel. Kitchen has a large sink, an electric stove, bottle holders and drawers for various gadgets and a large seating area. The control panel allows you to control the audio system and the home lighting. All household appliances are available in two examples: refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, ovens. It’ spacious kitchen for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Minimalist style kitchen

This kitchen in everything is based on common sense. It is aimed at a family with five children and a weekend family lunch. Thanks to the special kitchen installation, the prepared food remains warm for a long time. The floor is equipped with radiant heating for heating the room, the metal central hood is a real work of art made by order. The express bar is located behind this vibrant art island. Above is a shelf for cooking equipment and dishes.
  • Modern kitchen

Convenience is the main priority of this kitchen. Kitchen has 2 dishwashers, cabinets for storing tools and garbage collection. Products are stored in maple cabinets. The second kitchen island is equipped with a second stove with five burners, a furnace, a heating chamber. This island is also used as a bar for guests. Many kitchenware is controlled by a computer or by a mobile phone.
  • Eco kitchen

This Asian-inspired cuisine is environmentally friendly, made of granite and lava stone, which does not release any toxins. Bamboo flooring, stainless steel appliances complement the eco-friendly view of the kitchen. The two-level breakfast bar, converted to the sushi bar, allows the family to prepare a great family lunch. Asian style reminds also the cherry, red, green and stainless steel blends.

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