7 Tips For Staying on Top As A Busy Mum

According to a recent survey, approximately 28% of mothers are working mums; working on either a full time or part-time basis.

It can be a hard juggle between being a career woman and a mother. Most parents find themselves leaning so much on their careers such that they slowly become absent in their home lives without even knowing it.

Besides being a mum, busy parents barely find any time to have fun or take good care of their health. So, how can you be an active mother in your family while also being a busy career woman?

Below we consider seven tips to help you stay on top as a busy mother.

Accept the reality

The first tip is to be realistic. You might want to achieve so much as a working mum, but on the other hand, you might not have much time to do so.

Do not beat yourself up for not being able to achieve that which you would ideally like to. You might need to lower your standards.

For instance, if your work schedule cannot allow you to make dinner for your family daily, then you need to consider other alternatives. You ought to discuss this with your partner. You may be able to share the cooking duties.

Try online shopping

As a busy mum, you have no time to go to the store to do some shopping for yourself or even your family. However, thanks to online shopping, you can shop from the comfort of your home or office and get the items delivered to you.

Online shopping has gone a long way to making shopping more efficient, affordable and convenient for most people, especially busy mums who cannot make it to the stores.

Take the baby to work with you

Do you have an employer child support program at your workplace? If yes, then you should consider taking your child with you to your workplace.

This will help cut down nanny costs. Also, such a schedule will help you to spend more time with your little one.

A baby capsule is essential here. A capsule ensures the safety of your child while travelling to and from work. It also provides a convenient way of transporting your child from the car to the care facility.

Avoid distractions

You do not have much time to do your house chores as a career woman. Therefore, you ought to maximise the little time you have without letting any distractions get in your way.

For instance, frequent phone calls will disrupt your house chores. Leave your phone on voice mail to maintain momentum and finish the tasks faster.

If you are finding you are falling behind with the household chores, consider employing someone to clean your house weekly. I know how much I valued this help when the kids were little.

Have a plan

You ought to have a plan to stay sane as a busy mom. Plan out your entire seven days at the beginning of every week. Allocate every task a day and maybe a specific time.

For example, Wednesdays could be your workout day at the gym; maybe go out to dinner with your family on Thursday and so on.

Create time for self-care

Busy mums barely have time for themselves. If not busy at work, they are busy trying to be a present for their children. This can easily lead to burnouts.

Try and create some time for yourself. Spare some time to involve yourself with what you love. It could be reading a book, or going out with your lady friends even if it is just for an hour or two.

Know your priorities

Know the time you have at hand and plan on what to achieve during that time. Time is constant. Therefore, you have to understand your priorities. Know what is essential and what can wait.

For instance, picking your children from school should be a priority. Going out with your girls, on the other hand, can wait. It is all a tricky balance, but hopefully, some of these tips will help.


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