What is for Snack/Merienda? … Suman

Today, my mom cooked suman for our snack. Suman is a kind of rice cake that originated in our country, Philippines. The suman is composed of glutinous rice or sticky rice (which I preferred it to be called because it is the literal meaning of ‘malagkit’) cooked in coconut milk. After it was cooked (slightly cooked), it would be wrapped in banana tree leaves. The banana tree leaves were first heated before using as a wrapper. After wrapping, the suman was placed in a big pan with water for steaming.

Suman wrapped in Banana Leaves

We usually have this on occasions, especially when my family is complete.

I usually dip the suman in sugar, sugar with powdered milk or the special sauce (coconut caramel sauce) for suman. The coconut caramel sauce is composed of coconut milk, brown sugar and salt. We don’t usually make the sauce and just go with the sugar and powdered milk.

Naked Suman :)

Suman is also perfect to eat for breakfast. Oh well, I can eat it anytime of the day.

Anyway, ‘bon appétit’ for me. 😀

PS: My elder sister joked about calling the food ‘sumen’, because my mom cooked a lot of suman. And plural of man is men. Yep, my sister got a corny sense of humor. 🙂


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Written by ReignRenRen