What I had for lunch – Challenge

An interesting challenge is invented by an alib. Today I will introduce you to something typical of my country. The Easter Holidays are coming in my home country of Bulgaria. This year he is on April 8. There is prepared Lamb’s Cheverme.

I’ll introduce you to the recipe.

Ingredients Necessary

lamb – 1 whole, lighter



Method of preparation

The drained and washed lamb under water is dried and rubbed well with salt.

The abdomen is sutured and pricked on a wooden spoon.

The sheath is attached to 2 crotch and rotates slowly to 25-30 cm from the jar.

Bake for about 3-4 hours. During baking, the lamb is smeared from time to time with a stick of stick.

This prevents burning.

You will know that the lamb’s barbecue is roasted, as if the meat around the shoulder came out of white juice.

The finished lamb is removed and tears when served.

If desired by the end of the baking process, you can heat the pepper in the red pepper and so dab the lamb.

Conditions for participation

The rules are simple:

1) Post photos or something else for FOOD! (What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or dinner break or your favorite café, restaurant … etc)

2) Use #whatisfor

3) Have fun!

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