What I don't understand about food stamps

What are you doing I understand about food stamps well let’s see persons on disability that gets about let’s just say $872 a month and therefore you got to pay like $845 out of your check which leaves you with $27 for the utility bills And you only get $93 in food stamps. So, how is one person with it only gets $93 in food stamps going to stretch at for the full month especially when you got other people that lives with you the tries to help you out with the food but it still don’t last the whole month.

And more than likely they have all their bills to be paid which leaves them broke so therefore how am I supposed to deal with not having enough money for food when I only have $27 left Out of my check after paying rent and ¬†only get $93 in food stamps. How am I supposed to stretch $120 for food for the month with five people to feed it’s impossible.

Boy, I’d like to see these people that hands out the food stamps live on what I get in food stamps a month, they wouldn’t be able to do it. There are some days that I go without food just to make it stretch to the end of the month. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what I go through with the food stamps and a very little bit of money I have left out of my checks after paying rent and utilities. Oh well, that’s life for you it’s never fair. Thank you for reading my article and God bless you all.


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    • Food stamps is money put on a card that you can only buy food with it. But you can’t get like hot foods or energy drinks and stuff like that that is not good for you and you can’t get stuff like that with the food card.


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