Turkish Coffee A La Moka with Pumpkin Spice Foam Topping

Monday, September 24, 2018

It is the last week of September. Since I woke up tired today, I decided to go to the gym at a later time, just for the noon yoga class. The weather is nice, sunny and fresh, although still warm. As I walked through the Spectrum Center mall, I noticed many stores have closed down. Urban Home, which opened earlier this year is already having problems. They are having a closing sale. I like their furniture but I don’t have any room in my small townhouse. Sad. Brookstone has closed down. It used to be a fun store to browse inside, checking out different unique gadgets. I think Ruby’s Diner isn’t there anymore, not in that mall. Some of the older stores moved into the new alley where Macys building was, which connects to another alley that goes through the children’s playground area, next to Target. Many restaurants closed down. Coffee Bean was remodeled into a modern coffee shop.

When I returned home, I ate my lunch. Then, I decided to make coffee with Turkish coffee grinds in a Stovetop Moka. Since the above whipped foam topping cream flavor finished, I decided to use a new bottle of Whipped Foam Topping–Pumpkin Spice flavor. Turkish coffee in a Moka tasted good, and the Pumpkin Spice foam topping added a tinge of sweet flavor, since I was out of Turkish Delight.


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