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Tonights dinner 1/7/18

Tonight I made hamburgers. It was good. It all got ate up. I put 1 egg and flavoring and cheese and mixed it all together then made patties.  I make 7 burgers 2 for the husband 2 for me and 2 for the older son and 1 for my youngest son. I didn’t make anything else with the hamburgers because they made us have a full tummies.

This week is food shopping week. We are getting pretty low on food here.

I just hate food shopping. Do you ?

Well I save the stuff chicken beast for tomorrow nights dinner as i didn’t feel up to making a big dinner tonight. Well it is 9:30 pm here and got to get t he kids in bed for school in the morning. I hope you all had a awesome dinner in your part o f the world.

Until tomorrows dinner post. Have a great night…….


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