The Top 5 Food Carts In Sydney You Need To Try Out

The Sydney food cart scene is growing in leaps and bounds, with plenty of new offers coming to the fore each year. From authentic cultural dishes with a twist to rare family recipes that make you want to weep, we’ve got it all on our list of the top 5 food carts to try out in Sydney.

1.       Eat, Art, Truck (EAT):

Founded by the former understudy of legendary Australian chef Tetsuya Wakuda, EAT is on a mission to bring high quality gourmet food to the masses. They’re known for their quick turn-around time, superb service and extraordinary menu.

Not surprisingly, some of their dishes include the Coconut Jelly with Almond Curd desert (yum!), the King Fish ceviche and Southern-style barbeque beef. If you think that’s too high-brow for you, then try out the hot smoked pulled pork and beef brisket burgers, which take American BBQ street food to the next level.

Eat, Art, Truck draws inspiration from different styles of cuisine and they use techniques that make fancy meals more accessible. It’s a real treat for anyone that likes to enjoy gourmet food on the go.

2.       Cantina Movil:

Cantina Movil is the brainchild of an ex-restaurateur who wanted to try something different and more flexible. This Mexican joint enjoys a relatively large following, with devout customers that are willing to stand in line while it’s pouring rain just to get their next fix of the cart’s legendary tacos.

Some of their signature dishes include Cantina-style nachos, burritos and soft shell tacos. It’s simple yet satisfying (and addictively delicious) Mexican food at its best.

3.       Knafeh:

The Bearded Bakers behind Knafeh have become something of a legend on the streets of Sydney. If haven’t tried their brand of Jerusalem street food then you’re seriously missing out. This cart is named after the cart’s signature dish, a famous desert that’s commonly made in the Middle East. The cart itself is more of an open plan bakery/ kitchen, whose design was inspired by the open-plan bakeries of Jerusalem.

In addition to the scrumptious Knafeh, the bearded bakers offer quite a show, as they’re known to pull out their drums for a little “bake-and-break” as they call it. Plus, the open-plan kitchen allows you to see the process behind the desert, which often involves a fair amount of theatrics as well.

Knafeh can be had on its own or as a dessert after dinner. In fact, this cart is often seen on the road until late at night in a bid to encourage more people to enjoy late night dessert.

A word of warning; their signature knafeh dessert is addictive as it is calorie-laden so you might want to dust off your gym card. All in all, Knafeh is a great destination bakery and we highly recommend you try it.

4.       Mama Linh’s:

For the best in Vietnamese street food, look no further than the unassuming Mama Linh’s food cart. Expect to be wowed by a kaleidoscope of flavors in dishes like Curry Fish Balls, Vietnamese Style Buffalo Wings, Chilli Pork Stir Fried Noodles and Pho Soup to name but a few.

Mama Linh’s is a regular at many of the city’s festivals and markets, but they are available to hire for both big and small gatherings.

5.       Dirty Bird:

Dirty Bird is Sydney’s very own fried chicken specialist. The secret to the cart’s incredible recipe is the long-marinade chicken which they allow to deep fry for longer than usual to ensure maximum flavor penetration.

However, the thing that keeps customers coming back to Dirty Bird might just be the chicken’s unique crunch. This is thanks to the puffed rice batter that they use which is infused with Asian flavors to create a one-of-a-kind doozie.

Keeping things healthy? You don’t have to miss out thanks to Dirty Bird’s gluten-free version of their signature chicken and waffle dish. All we can say is that it works.

What happens when you find a food cart that you can’t live without? Follow them on social and keep track of their movements via Goolge Maps.

In a Nutshell

These fantastic food carts made it onto our list because of their remarkable fusion of flavors and unique cooking techniques that elevate regular cuisine into extraordinary creations. But, if you’re looking for a food cart that specializes in private function catering then Woofy’s is the way to go. You can find us on, and we offer a diverse menu.

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