The Secret benefits of vitamin P

Vitamin P was discovered in the 1930s but it is rarely mentioned, It strengthens the body defense system and has many other benefits.

We know that daily use of vitamin C is very good to skin and it make skin beautiful, and Vitamin D strengthens bone but ignored Vitamins P strengthens the body’s security system and fight diabetes.

Experts have also described Vitamin P as an effective weapon to fight heart diseases, but vitamins are actually called combinations of chemicals like flavonoids, which is more than 6000. Vitamin P creates new colagen on the skin, which keep skin young and refreshing.

Moreover, Vitamins P strengthens bones and teeth and keep them in the best condition. Vitamins and flavonoids are found in all juicy fruit. Which include fruitier, orange,  lemon and other fruits of the same tribe.

If a glass of orange juice is taken daily, it improves blood during the entire day, blood pressure comes to normal and cholesterol is also controlled. Be clear Blue Barries and Strawberries are also full of anthocyanin like antioxidants.

Flavonoids found in black and it tea remove hardness of veins and they all come in the vitamin P category. experts insist that the use of all kinds of flavonoids and other associated components is very beneficial for human health and it brings immense benefits to the human body.


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