The First Hamburger At Louis' Lunch

Today one of the most popular things to eat is hamburgers. People enjoy hamburger made in many different ways and from fast-food restaurants. At one time the hamburger had to be invented and it was and the first burger was served at Louis’ Lunch sandwich shop in New Haven, Connecticut.

The founder of the shop had a small lunch wagon from which he sold steak sandwiches to nearby factory workers. He didn’t want to waste money and once the lunch rush was through the bits and pieces of steak he had left he ground up and then grilled.

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Then the meat was placed between two slices of bread and it was no longer a steak sandwich but a hamburger. Today generations of the original owner still operate the shop. The specialty of the house is hamburgers. These are made fresh every day and slow-cooked and then broiled, They’re served between two slices of toast with a choice of garnishes including cheese, tomato, and onion. These hamburgers are considered the very best and the owners claim they need no ketchup or mustard to improve the taste.


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