Summer dishes you should not miss

Even during hot weather, when you really don’t want to use the oven, you can still prepare some amazing dishes. Using various fruits and vegetables that are in abundance right now, you can make very delicious, impressive and colorful dishes for everyone to enjoy!

Mexican food is great for any season with its spicy flavors, a variety of vegetables and satiating rice and meat. Their sauces can also be used with many different dishes, from tacos and tortilla chips to burritos and simple chicken meat. And you can make all of them with just a handful ingredients, one of them is seasonal in summer and it’s potatoes. There are lots of variations of tacos, burritos and potato salads that you can learn about on the Internet. But to make your experience better, you need to know how long to boil potatoes. When cooking them for salads, it’s better to boil them with skin on and peel them if you’re going to make a mash. The minimum time for cooking potatoes is 40 minutes if you put them whole in cold water. After that you need to check them from time to time using a fork or a knife.

If you can’t stop eating desserts but want to reduce your sugar intake, try making a blueberry-pecan galette. It sounds very impressive but the cooking process is still quite easy. Make the dough with pulsed pecans, flour, salt, sugar and cold butter. Let it chill for an hour in the fridge. Mix blueberries, lemon juice, cornstarch and sugar for the filling. Roll out the dough on a baking sheet and top it with the blueberries. Fold in the edges and brush them with milk. Bake for 50 minutes and let the galette cool before serving.

Another great dessert with all the quintessential summer flavors is strawberry shortcake. You can obviously buy the store-bought version or try it in a cafe, but I strongly recommend trying it at home because the flavor profile is unbelievable and totally worth the time. Make the shortcake by pulsing egg yolks, flour and cornmeal, baking powder, sugar and butter in a food processor. Pour in the heavy cream and mix until smooth. Chill the dough for 20 minutes and bake for half an hour. Mix the strawberries with sugar and lemon zest; then cook half of them in a sauce pan. Add lemon juice to both parts. Beat heavy cream with powdered sugar to soft peaks. Assemble the recipe and enjoy right away!

Soups may be seen as mostly fall and winter dishes but on a colder summer night a bowl of warm, spicy and light soup can be the exact thing you need. To make this fish soup recipe start off by sauteing onions and garlic in a pot. Then add a can of whole or crushed tomatoes and cook for about 10 minutes. Then add clam juice, dry white wine, cubed salmon and spices. Continue to simmer 

on low heat until the fish is completely cooked. Serve with fresh greens and toasted bread.A much lighter recipe that can be an awesome diet dish is fig caprese salad. It basically replaces tomatoes with figs but still keeps the fresh flavors of this classic dish. Tear mozzarella into pieces, cut figs into quarters and top everything with fresh basil, sea salt, black pepper and lots of olive oil.


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  1. There is no hard and fast rule here when it comes to cooking dishes. Ofcourse ice creams and stuff we keep for summer and do not like to eat them when the weather is cold but our seasons here are not extremes.

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