Raw and Vegan Aztec Cacao

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Although today is a little bit cooler and less humid, I am still thirsty. So, I decided to make a cup of raw cacao, but with Aztec cacao, which is vegan, gluten-free, and spicy. I added some orange mini marshmallows, which are also vegan as well as pumpkin-flavored. I didn’t add any sugar because I felt that the mini marshmallows probably had some sugar. I sipped my hot Aztec cacao drink while I multitasked between watching Skull II on the indie channel as well as checking out some YouTube videos.

You can also add one scoop of vegan ice cream to give the hot cacao a creamy flavor. I did that early in the day, and it was also good.

My rich, supermodel IMVU avatar enjoys her hot cacao insider her comfy jet with three of her many pets. She also has some vegan sweet potato doughnuts to snack on with her hot drink. Her chauffeur driven jet is taking her to her next modeling assignment overseas.


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