The mushroom family Sunday walk

I encountered this black and blue mushroom family the other day. They seemed to be on a Sunday walk this lovely afternoon. Wore a basket with bread and wine and enjoyed the shadows under the trees.

Then a mushroom picker came along. “Wow, awesome, these mushrooms are so delicious!” He teared them up and put them in his basket and continued to look for more. But the mushroom family were very happy. Took out their bread, uncorked the wine and enjoyed the ride.

Until all of a sudden, they were dumped on a table, chopped and put in a soup. “Delicious!” the mushroom picker smiled, he was in seventh heaven, those were the best mushroom he knew.

Well, that’s life, one man’s death is another man’s bread,  no I mean, soup.


What do you think?


  1. I didn’t know in what category I should put this story because there is no “short story” category and “others” is a little bit like a land of lost socks : ) So it was a joke to put it in “Food and Drink,” even tho obviously it don’t belong there. But way not a small joke? It brights up the day, especially after looking at this dark picture and the sad story that I wrote in a fairytale stile to go whit it.