How to make chocolate Biscuit

Ingredients: Beaten Eggs, 04 Butter, a quarter cup Baked sugar, two cups Baking powder, two tea spoons Crushed Almonds, half cup Flour, two cups Baking powder, two tea spoons Confectionery Sugar, half spoon Salt, half tea spoon

Recipe: Solve grinned sugar on the light fire. After cooling it up, mix melted chocolate and butter in it. Then, mix well with baking powder, flour, salt and almond. Put this mixture in a tray for 5 hours.Then sprinkle the confectionery sugar well in the tray and put the mixture in a shape of biscuits by placing the tray in the oven for 20 minutes. Keep the temperature of approximately 300 degrees. Delicious chocolate biscuits are ready.


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Written by Danish Ali Memon