Is Pizza On Your Menu-list of Christmas?

Pizza is more or less like a national food and I don’t a person who hates eating pizza. Humans from every age group fall for a scrumptious slice of pizza and I have that group in my house.

About last night, when I was planning what you have on our Christmas dinner table, everybody recommended their favorite dish. From Yorkshire Pudding to Christmas Ham wrapped in puff pastry, there was a long list and because of such an eve, I cannot say to anyone them. So, I just let the list go on. When we are done with the finalizing the list, my little sister screamed, “How can you do this to me again? You people do not love me anymore. Maybe because I am adopted or what?”

For a second, we assume that she is being just over dramatic and nothing else. But when she did not stop for a while, I calmed her down to know what’s matter (Though I know it would be one of the stupidest or childish wish ever). And this what happened, she wanted a pizza for her Christmas dinner. Hearing this literally pissed off as she can just say this without creating such a fuss. I note down her suggestion and started looking for best Pizza and pasta in New Malden.

The search is necessary as I remember what happened last time. Last Christmas, when I order pizza from a local pizza, it was a waste. It tasted so bad that body ate and we almost threw the whole pizza out and yes, she cried like a mad person. Adding to the bad taste, the pizza was not delivered on time and we could not help this because we had no ordering tracking number. However, this time I am prepared. I have in mind the best pizza place to order the yummy pizza that adds flavors to the Christmas dinner.

Have you planned your dinner menu? If not yet, do it know but do not forget to read the customer’s review before placing the order.



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  1. I shall be spending Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law today. But, the other day I did try a festive pizzza. It had small stuffing balls on it and the meat was turkey. I’m not sure I’d try it again. It was nice, but there’s other pizzas I prefer.

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