Irresistible Fun Food: Meringue

Meringue.  Not to be misspelled and confused with Merengue.

Merengue is a style of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic.

Meringue is a delightfully sweet treat.

Some call it candy.  Some call it a cookie.  Some just say its dessert.  It very light and melts in your mouth.  You make it with egg whites and sugar.  If you add food coloring you can make pastel pink and green ones or any color you choose.

Many food historians say that an Italian chef invented Meringue in a Swiss village named Meiringen in the 1700s.  But!  Just like how people say that Shakespeare didn’t really write all the works he gets credit for; some don’t buy that Gasparini (the chef) is the one who came up with the recipe.  They say it was some French guy or some other chef who worked for a king.  Some say Queen Marie Antoinette liked meringue so much that she made them with her very own hands.  Yeah.  Uh-huh.  I’m not buying that!

It’s probably because of all the disputing that we ended up with three classic types of meringue – Swiss, Italian and French.  At any rate, I think the story about the Italian chef sounds credible. Until it’s proven false,  eh! … I’ll buy it.  LOL.

No matter who invented meringue, there are some chefs who have come after that have taken meringue to another level!

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