Increase your Stamina with these 4 Food Items

Many experts suggest specific fruits and vegetables which provide better sexual satisfaction and also found erotic. Experts say their shape is one of the important factors. Banana is at number one in their list along with carrots cucumbers.

Here are those four items that will certainly improve your stamina and make a difference on your sex-life too.

  1. According to experts banana is really very helpful for improving sex life because of its soft texture. Banana also contains enzymes which help enhance sexual performance by male partners.
  2. Oyster is a seafood that is not consumed much at least not as much as other seafood are consumed but oyster contains dopamine, that creates feelings of sexual desire, and pleasure. In fact, it is the presence of zinc in oyster, which is a source of testosterone that does the trick. If you don’t like oyster, check out some good supplements for the same purpose.
  3. Strawberry is fruit mostly known as a big aphrodisiac. This fruit was, served in France to newlyweds in the form of a soup to help improve honeymoon romance.
  4. Honey is a natural form of sugar and has been considered an ideal food for those long hours spent in the bedroom and the history says that newlyweds were made to drink honey wine to increase their sexual stamina.

These four items are most common food items, but do wonders to increase stamina.


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Written by Suny Ag


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