Impress Your Dinner Party Guests With A Delectable Cheese Platter

In the modern day cheese has become a favorite of old and young alike. So many dishes are incomplete without the addition of cheese to enhance the flavours. In fact, cheeses are so popular that raw cheese is considered a good snack to be served at formal as well as informal gatherings in Melbourne. But, today, cheese platters have become increasingly popular dinner party catering options and are a great additional to a simple birthday get-together to a more formal setting of colleagues and acquaintances.

Looking to serve a cheese platter to your dinner party guests? Here are some tips to get it right, or if you are unsure of serving the best, take the help of dinner party catering Melbourne services.

There are various ways to impress your dinner party guests with a delectable cheese platter – one way to do that is to ensure it feasts the eye. There are various type of cheese based on texture and its hardness or softness. Parmesan, Asiago, Sharp Cheddar and Romano are hard and firm cheese varieties with intense flavor. They don’t melt or soften easily. Other cheeses like Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella and Blue Cheese are softer and can cubed and sliced easily for the platter. Soft cheese like Brie or Mascarpone will add value to a dinner cheese platter. A semi-soft 60 days old cheese or the German Cambozola are also suitable additions.

Cheese can be served raw or it can be filled, for example, Winter Fruit Compote cheese is filled by a compote of ‘raisins’, ‘Granny Smith apples’, ‘dried cherries’ and ‘apricots’ and can be decorated superbly with a sharp cheddar. An array of Blue, Cheddar, Gruyere, Mascarpone, Parmesan, and other exotic and popular cheeses can be served along with a variety of different coloured dips to create a mouth-watering cheese platter. From mayo-based dips to fresh vegetable dips, there are fantastic varieties you can add to the platter to impress your dinner party guests. Try to limit over crowding the platter with too many dips or cheese varieties.

Slices of cheese items can be served in a 36 Inch, large wooden serving platter for neatness. Some guests may prefer soft breads stuffed with extra fillings that mostly include mango cheese. ‘French’ breads boasting ‘natural’ flavors and ‘hard’ textures are also popular. You can enhance the taste with fillings like walnuts or dried fruits. Crunchy and crusty breads would pair beautifully with soft cheese. Tiny sliced triangle/squared savory creamy white cheddar cheese or Mozzarella can be added to the bowl of olives or avocado for flavours.

Another way to enhance the appeal of the cheese platter is through its aroma. Every cheese comes with its own aroma, which adds to it becoming a mouth-watering appetizer. If you are not sure which cheese smells clash with each other, go in for dinner party catering Melbourne services. They can tell you which cheese is available locally, guide you on which ones will make your platter look exotic and tell you the pairings that actually work. Pairings for a cheese platter also needs to take into account the wine or other beverages you plan to serve.

In the end, the best way to serve a cheese platter is at room temperature. The cheese must be taken out of the fridge an hour or two before the arrival of guests to keep it ‘lively’ and ‘fresh’. Labeling the cheese items can save the day and let your guests know what they are consuming, and of course, impress them too.


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