Green tea drinking more than 3 cups in a day is harmful for health

Many people like to drink green tea to stay fit and the number of such people is increasing day by day. It is said that if you want to stay away from obesity, make the skin shine, to improve digestion, then start drinking green tea. But excessive green tea drink can also prove to be harmful to you. Especially when you are dealing with a disease. In general, it should not drink more than 3 cups of green tea in a day. Also know, under what circumstances you should not consume green tea.

These are the losses

1. You will not know that caffeine is also found in green tea. This can lead to many health problems. Caffeine contains 24 to 45 mg of 227 grams of green tea, which irregularities your heartbeat. You have experience of nervousness and you start teasing on small things.

2. More green tea drinks can also damage your digestive system. Your digestive juices could spoil the balance. Tannins present in green tea can spoil the stomach because drinking green tea increases stomach acid.

3. Tannins present in green tea can cause abdominal pain or constipation. Those who have ulcers in the stomach or have acidity, they should not drink green tea.

4. Doctors advise that people who have anemia problem should avoid green tea because drinking green team reduces the amount of hemoglobin.

5. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not drink more than 1 cup of green tea in the day because caffeine is also not suitable for the child through the mother’s milk, which is not suitable for her.

6. If you consume cigarettes with green tea, within 30 minutes, their eyes get pressurized. Cataract is an eye-related disease that affects the optic nerve.

7. Taking an excessive amount of green tea makes the calcium in the body less bilirubin. This increases the risk of osteoporosis.

There are some advantages Green Tea

1. Avoid type 2 diabetes and heart-related diseases apart from drinking green tea.

2. Want to lose weight, then one should drink cup green tea.

3. Studies show that drinking 75-100 calories may be burned by drinking green tea.


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