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Drinks of nettles.

Robin Biznis July 25.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Honorable members, as my nettle blog inspired your interest and had a decent visit in gratitude, I’ll write you some recipes from nettles.Yours Robin .


Syrup  of nettlesYou need the following ingredients:-200 grams of peaks nettles-4 Lemon-2 liters of water-1 Kg honeyWay of preparation:In a larger bowl, mix well-washed nettles, and lemon chopped on to the disc.Leave lined to stand for 24 hours.Then add honey and 

cook until boiling.Cool, process, pour into sterilized bottles and keep cool.When consumed, dilute the syrup with water.Effects:Syrup of nettles is an elixir for strengthening blood vessels, and a better kidney function.It’s a natural beverage that helps asthma and allergies.Leaves anemia and strengthens the root of the hair.

Tea from nettles

It’s necessary:

3 teaspoon

2 liters of water


Tie the fruit with water. When it’s cool, it’s choppy.

Add it to a vessel with 2 liters of water and let it stand overnight.

Cook for 30 minutes in the morning cup.

When the mixture is cooled, to strain  tea.

Store in a cool and dark place.

Drink every day three times a cup of tea.

Positive Effects:

Iron from the nettle contributes to the treatment of anemia.

Removes infections in the mouth or gum inflammation.

The outside is used against the pimples and acne.


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