Domino end Tattoo’s for Free Pizza for life – Hot deal

In Russia – A branch of Domino Pizza has announced, The first 350 people who have their logo on their body will be given free pizza for 100 years and one person will get 100 pizza in the year.

There was a  simple bet set for it That the user should paste the company logo tattoos on any significant part of their body, and then the free pizza will start.

The company believed that only a few people would agree on tattooing for the age of their body, but Pizza’s lover were crazy on this offer and People on social media scattered tattoo pictures under this campaign and in just 5 days the limit of 350 people was completed, after which the company had to stop the competition.

The condition was that the company’s logo should be at least 2 cm wide and the domino logo is clearly visible on it. but even after the fixed number is completed, hundreds of people surrounded the logo on their body. Yet, they are included in this list now because the list of 350 people has been completed.

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