Coffee Break on Between Housework

Sunday, 2.10.19

I woke up at around 8 am, and looked out the window, noticing wet grounds outside. It must have rained last night. I got out of bed to do my morning routine, before I make a cup of cappuccino. I decided to get battery-operated handheld wand frother from Target. Its brand is Bodum Schiuma, which is the same brand as my French Press (Bodum Chambord). I decided to stay consistent. The wand frother is really good, and makes really big foam like professional cappucino cups. I use used 1/4 cup of milk. And, when I frothed it, it grew to fill half of the cup with white foam. I poured 8 ounces of coffee into the cup, over the white foam, and everything fit. I actually used a big coffee cup, which holds 14 ounces. I used regular milk because it froths better an vegan milk. But I still want to try vegan milk with this wand frother to see how it froths it.

I internet-surfed and noticed that the Academy Awards 2019 will be on February 24th, which is a Sunday. Someone stated that there won’t be a host this year. I am interested to see what they’re going to do this year.

Sunday is the perfect day to reorganize one’s home, or at least one room. I think I will do the bathroom today.


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